The brain behind the success of, Touché Films, and more

At just 20 years old, he creates in Quito along his film school mates. The idea was simple, show that you can make high quality content content from anywhere, even Ecuador. Now with more than decade of experience under his belt, he is a PRODUCER, SCREENWRITER, but most of all a MENTOR for digital creators.

Who is

Co-founder of

Co-founder and CEO of Touché Films until he sold it.

EVP of Operations for Mexico


Executive-in-charge of production of more than 200 pieces of content

Executive Producer for films like Dedicada a mi ex (Sony), series like Mortal Glitch (YouTube Originals), and podcasts like Karime Kooler

Presently Martín is the Head of New Business at La Neta, one of Latin America's premier influencer marketing agencies and curators of VidCon Mexico.

Although his true calling is being a Mentor for digital creators.

Founded in 2011

An Icon of Spanish language content.

With more than a 1000 videos published. Top 10 YouTube channels in LATAM and Top 100 worldwide.

More than 26 millones de subscribers on YouTube and more than a 9 billion views.

Colaborated with mexican comedy legend Eugenio Derbez, Dynamo, Sony, Netflix, YouTube Originals and even more.

Martín spearheaded the acquisition process in 2019. Now it's called 2bLatam.

Martín started simply by giving mentorship and advice to other creator friends who sought his advice and support.Eventually he opened up his services to the wider public.

With more than 12 years of experience in digital content, Martín helps creators reach their goals. Not only audience growth and monetisation, but to achieve work life balance; taking their content to the next level, to streamers and tv; or simply to improve production processes to accomodate more projects.

From people just starting out, to million+ creators, all seek Martin for guidance, support, and friendship. Click here to apply.