¡Hello! This is the MD blog, and this is what it's all about

Me, in my own words. My blog, in my own words. ¡Let's do this!

I'm not gonna bore you with who I am in «credentials» and «background», as there is literally a whole section of this site devoted to such matters. Those who know me know I never lead with how I make a living, I find it really reductive. I hope you can extend me the same courtesy and allow me to introduce myself in my own terms.

I’m a geeky dude. I draw, but mostly I’m learning how to draw because I really enjoy illustration. I read, taking turns between a fiction book then a non-fiction book. I watch movies, I don’t watch a lot of series because of the time commitment. I’m an OK cook, OK meaning I don’t give myself food poisoning anymore. I workout, rigorously but religiously. I’m based in Mexico City, but I come from Ecuador and lived very briefly in the Netherlands when I was a child; I enjoy learning new languages, but I have only mastered two; most of all I enjoy making stories with people. Be that a movie, or how a mentee sees their self narrative.

¡It me!


This blog is my latest endeavour and I hope we can make it a bit different. Yes, I will post my opinions on a variety of topics. I will elaborate in those thing in which I have domain expertise, and write with curiosity and questions in the things I don’t. Not because I’m afraid, but because I really don’t want to contribute to the noise in today’s discourse that’s filled with «End all be alls» and very little inquisitive thought. 

What do I have domain expertise in? Well, media and it’s current landscape; entrepreneurship, how hard, rewarding and possible it is; narrative fiction, storytelling and the power of story in the human soul; And mentorship, how to build people up. And what I don’t know about, I will write from a place of process and curiosity.

Along with this musings, I will post weekly a yonkoma style comic of some of my IP pitches. I'm using «IP» because frankly I don’t want to limit where these ideas could go. I will do my best to honor this but I do ask you patience until I find my groove.

So that’s what this blog will be about. I hope dearly you’ll enjoy it.


Thank you :)